Regardless of which screening strategy is used, access to effective treatment for women with cervical precancer is crucial. The Cold Coagulator is the original WISAP  device which has a proven track record in treating cervical lesions for over 20 years. It is an economic and versatile platform for treatment in an outpatient setting.

variety of thermoprobes

for multiple indications

The WISAP Cold Coagulator has been on the market for over 30 years and has been used for a variety of indications over time. The different types of thermo-probes are each identified for an indication together with a temperature setting.

  1. CIN Treatment
  2. Benign erythroplakia
  3. Cervix endometriosis
  4. Ovula nabothi
  5. Chronic cervicitis
  6. Hemostasis after implementation of LEEP / LETZ

High quality probes with anti-stick surface

Each probe has a special medical grade and certified anti-stick surface which ensures that the cervical tissue does not adhere to the thermo-probe after treatment. So when the treatment is over the thermo-probe can be retracted without problem.

Gasless procedure

for economic and mobile treatment

One important advantage of Thermo Coagulation over Cryotherapy is the independancy on expensive and cumbersome CO2 gas. The Cold Coagulator runs on electricity and is consequently mobile and cheap to run.

  1. No heavy gas bottles to supply and transport
  2. No high running costs
  3. increased mobility due to small size and low weight od the device
  • Nkhoma Hospital Lilongwe, Malawi

    “We have used  the WISAP thermal coagulator for nearly three years, both at the hospital and in rural health centres. Our providers have found it to be user friendly, reliable, quick and versatile in the treatment of early cervical lesions. Overall our experience has been excellent.

    We don’t use any anesthesia in all our patients. For the past six months, 22% of those who got treated reported no pain during cold coagulation, while 75.6% reported slight pain and 2.4% of feeling hot during procedure and none reported for severe pain.”


    Beatrice Kabota

    Nkhoma Hospital, Lilongwe, Malawi
    Nkhoma Hospital Lilongwe, Malawi
  • Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore

    “I performed treatment in the Himalayas using a combination of LEEP and thermal coagulation, using the WISAP Cervix Coagulator. The coagulator worked perfectly and was used extensively over five days with over ten procedures performed per day.”


    Dr. Quek Swee Chong

    Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore
    Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore
  • Daeyang Luke Hospital Lilongwe, Malawi

    “At our mission hospital we have been using the WISAP cold coagulator for about a year and a half. We are very pleased with the performance, reliability and ease of use of this instrument. I can easily carry it with me to other hospitals where I offer gynecologic consultations. This wonderful instrument has revolutionized and revitalized our fight against cancer of the cervix in Malawi.”


    Dr. Sue Makin

    Daeyang Luke Hospital Lilongwe, Malawi
    Daeyang Luke Hospital Lilongwe, Malawi

    “I believe that because of the devices simplicity the Cold Coagulator has the potential to be a global game-changer in the field of cervical cancer prevention.”


    Dr. Miriam Cremer MD/MPH



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